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It is our mission to help 1000 hairstylists to get more out of their salons and their lives. 
We help to gain more customers, increase profits, and have more leisure time.

Join Our Team and make a real difference!

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How does it work?

Software & Processes

Our software collects and analyses the data of our salons and suggests the next action steps for our hairdressers.
Success proven processes help to increase productivity by 50%.

Community & Learning

Based on the latest research on community building, learning and habit building, we create a safe environment to grow, share skills and communicate.

Central Sourcing & Buying

With the power of a big number of hairdressers and thousands of clients per day, we select the best products on the market and negotiate with the producers for the best rates. Just by that, some salon owners can already double their income!

Values That Unite Us

The wow family culture is based on our 10 community values which serve as guides for our daily collaboration and decisions.


We deliver self-esteem with every word and every action. We are aware of the effect of our words and actions. We know that everything we say or do has an impact on our counterpart. That is why we make it our central task to give people around us confidence.
Every word and every little gesture to our colleagues, employees and partners counts.
We motivate others wherever we can. 


As a basis for our mutual trust, we commit ourselves to 100% honesty among our member companies, towards our employees and also towards ourselves. We are honest about our successes and failures and do not seek excuses.


Lifelong learning and growth are the foundation for our lead over the customer. Everyone contributes to this through active participation in further training opportunities. We are proactive and plan weekly time for learning and progress in our calendar. "Count me in!"


We will keep all information shared among ourselves. This applies to personal matters between colleagues, employees and partners as well as to our small and large recipes for success, which ensure our lead over the customer.

Team Spirit

We maintain our cohesion every day. We see ourselves as a large family. We strengthen each other's backs and support each other, no matter the situation.

Full Support

We give each other full support without expecting anything in return. We have a sincere interest in ensuring that every colleague, our salon and other partner salons achieve their goals. Because that also strengthens our own success. That is the foundation for our own success. True to the motto "Your success is important to us!"


We are open and curious when it comes to new ways. We also allow ourselves to make mistakes. We do not see these as setbacks but as valuable information from which we can learn to improve a little bit every day. If what we do doesn't work, we'll try something else until we're on the road to success.

Same Conditions

I can do what you can do!
Every result, every small or big success that a colleague, employee or partner achieves - I can also achieve it myself! Humans are 98% biologically identical. Every skill can be learned! Excuses like "I can't!" are not accepted by us. Instead, we learn from the best and get a little better every day. You already have all the prerequisites that you need for a change in you.

Top Performance

We do our very best every day to be the best version of ourselves. We take lifelong learning for granted. We give everything to be an example to others.

Peak State

Body and mind are one. We can only achieve top performance every day if we also pay attention to our recovery and regeneration. We therefore want to make sure that nobody is overused.
We pay attention to enough sleep, healthy eating, exercise and positive, supportive thoughts. Change only takes place in an energetic top condition. We are therefore convinced that the necessary energy is a habit and therefore a matter of practice.
We focus on our goal, not our problems.

Combine Career & Freedom

100% Remote Team

Flexible Working Hours

Growth Environment

Join Our Team and make a Real Difference!

Check our open Positions

"The wow family as an employer enables me to do the work that I really enjoy. I get incredible personal support that I have never experienced in any other company. No matter whether professionally or privately - there is a solution for everything! The wow family challenges and encourages me and does it in such a way that my tasks never get boring, but I don't feel overwhelmed. Even if something is not going so smoothly, I know that there is someone who will help me and show me new ways and solutions that I have never thought of before. I always have the feeling that I am needed and make a real difference for customers."

Member Success

"Working hours couldn't be more flexible than with the wow family. Thanks to this, I can optimally combine responsible tasks with my studies."

Product Development (& Student)

"I like to work for the wow family because we work for a great, grateful industry with an incredible amount of potential. It is a pleasure to see every day how much we can do for our customers. The cohesion and support in the team is just perfect, it is concentrated and focused on continuously optimizing the processes for us and our customers, own ideas can always be brought in."

Member Selection

"It is really fun to always work on ideas for optimization and to implement them together in a team."

Member Selection

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